Insider Threat Monitoring
For Small to Medium Business

Enabling you to detect, investigate, and prevent potential insider threats. Delivering real-time alerts, and actionable insights from an easy-to-use solution.

insider threats monitoring

User Activity Monitoring

Our Application records employee access to critical files, data, and systems.

See All Activity

You can view every click, keystroke, and user action with rich, easy-to-search metadata and optional full-screen session video recordings, which is controllable via easy-to-use playback tools and audit trails.

Receive Alerts as needed

Set up Alerts the right people, at the right time, whenever a potential insider threat incident has been detected. You’re in total control!

Third-Party Activity Monitoring

Monitor the third-party contractors and vendors who access your organizational files, data, and systems to help you.

Insider threat investigation

Enabling your team to easily investigate insider threat situations in as little as minutes, using a comprehensive timeline of collected user activity data

Insider Threat Prevention

Insider threat detection and investigation are necessary aspects to the long-term security of your files, data, and systems, But insider threat prevention blocks out-of-policy user activity, using policy reminders, warning prompts, and robust app-blocking controls improving the overall security of your business