Automating Que Management

No More Frustrated Waiting Customers.
Know how long your customers have been waiting. Track how long your customers have been waiting to take the proactive approach.
Make them feel welcome & appreciated, because a happy prospect is a happy customer soon.

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Instant feedback

Respond immediately with the ability to monitor feedback from customers as it comes in. This reduces the danger of your customers damaging the reputation of your company by posting negative comments on social media or informing their friends about time delays to reply.

Analyse Branch Performance

Instantly view which branches are receiving high demand from visitors. You will then be able to distribute your staff to the branches that need them most and ensure smooth operation.

Branch management

Monitor activity across all of your branches, regardless of the geographical distance. View the to statistics based on the visitor levels, feedbacks, etc.

5 Minutes To Set Up

It is very easy to set up. The only thing you need to do is to signup, create your branches, assign agents, and it is up and running.