Biometric Attendance Management with GPS

Most Advanced Attendance tracking system in the world with biometric, mobile/GPS and scheduling!

Digital Calendar


All-in-one comprehensive system in the world with biometric, GPS and Scheduling


Real-Time Tracking

Highly advanced cloud attendance software that provides realtime tracking from 200+ devices


Shifts & Week-offs

Easily sort the documents according to your needs. You can categorize by projects, file type, and author. Also, utilize the option to organize under folder and subfolders.


Overtime Calculation

Track overtime hours of your employees from devices and compensate for the overtime from the fully integrated Payroll system


Record location & Time

Add location details to the time stamps and seamlessly trace your employee whereabouts leading to the effective utilization of their time on the field.


Attendance Rules

Set auto attendance rules which enforce punctuality or make up for missing hours.