Workforce Management To Improve Your Employee Efficiency

Easy to use cloud-based employee scheduling software with vacation management, advanced reporting, messaging, training and much more.


Staff Administration

Manage and update all the data related to employees in a secure manner, which makes work efficient on a day-to-day basis and set access levels for all users.


Business Intelligence

Get valuable insights and understand the root causes of situations happening in your company which lets you take actions easier.


Schedule Management

It is highly easy to Implement schedule changes quickly while responding to frontline needs, such as handling absence requests, adding team meetings or one-to-ones.


Absence Handling

Easily automate the process of leave requests or requests for vacations. The manager can make decisions by comparing the staff available for that day.


Set Goals

Engage your employees in a competition methodology to reach their targets set in the dashboard, where they can compare and how their colleagues are doing.


Text Notifications

Work schedule changes can be automatically sent as text messages or emails, making communication efficient whether employees are at work or at home.


Overtime Management

Allocate and track the work overtime of your team easily.